About Barrett


"At the end of our life, the only thing that we truly leave behind is the impact that we made on other people's lives...make sure it's inspiring."

- Barrett D. Carroll 

I’m Barrett Carroll… welcome to my website. I would first like to say thank you for following me, supporting me and being a part of my journey. I hope that I help you in some way. Just to tell you a little about myself, I was an actor living in Los Angeles having some success yet never feeling fully satisfied. I had many opportunities waiting at my door but felt the need to do more and be more.


 I came to a position where I knew something had to change. It was never about becoming rich or famous for me. It was about creating things that mattered. I wanted to put purpose into pain and create art that did the same. For many years I lived a life filled with secrets and hardships. I had gone through seasons of great success and great failures. As soon as I seemed to be heading in the right direction, I would quickly get pulled away by a different hardship or.... opportunity as I now choose to look at it. I have an unusual story as many of you know. I grew up in a type of small evangelical based cult within a very abusive home. I never received a proper education until I attended college. I struggled with severe depression, Complex PTSD, anorexia and anxiety. During my childhood I was not aware of the depth of the trauma that I was experiencing.


  I grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I had some extended family that worked in entertainment and recognized my abilities at a young age. This led to me eventually working in commercials, Indie films and regional theatre for several years before attending college. I attended Baldwin-Wallace University and The University of Oklahoma where I received my Bachelors of Music in Musical Theatre. I worked at Disney World briefly after graduation but was shaken to my core during that time by the death of 8 of my friends within a year and a half as well as continued family conflict back in Oklahoma. During my time in Florida, I almost lost my own life due to an unexpected sickness and physical complications. After battling, health issues and depression alone, I found myself at the start of a spiritual awakening. 


   I broke down to the very core of who I was and for the first time really began to reflect on my life's purpose. With nothing and no one to hold me back and 30 pounds lighter from being sick...I moved to Los Angeles and began a new phase of my career.


I began teaching at one of the top acting studios in Los Angeles, I guest starred on multiple hit TV shows, appeared regularly on CONAN and starred in several action films as well. As time past and my career blossomed, something deep within my soul continued to poke at me. Every morning when I woke up I felt this call to be more and do more for the world around me. With a a deep call and brain filled with ideas I decided to share my story. The lessons I had learned, the vision I had, the connections I had made and the unstoppable determination that made my spirit roar.


    It was a hard pill to swallow coming into the adult world and realizing that the "real" world was just as harsh and just as ugly as my childhood. From 2017 to 2020 everything seemed to be on the up and up for me. I still made some mistakes and worked with challenging people but overall life was looking up. From the outside at least, I seemed successful and happy. That wasn't exactly what was happening on the inside though. Everything in my life seemed to be boiling to a point where something had to give. I had to change my path because my purpose had always remained the same...that I was meant to inspire others to see the world and their relationships in new ways through the art of story telling.


 Right as this shift was calling me more and more... BAM.... 2020 hit! The whole world changed and something within myself began to change too. A light sparked and a deeper level of awakening began. After being in quarantine for months and months, I began to see my life purpose more clearly than ever before. 


   A calling that I had felt for a long time presented itself. After writing books I never finished, auditioning for roles I didn't care about and trying so hard to become worthy, or prove myself to others, I finally had enough. So much of what I had learned and experienced on my journey up until that point seemed to be happening to the collective world around me. To change the world I realized that I had to first change my inner world. 


In the midst of the chaos that was 2020 and all that year encompassed, I stopped and ask myself a life changing question "What is the good that I CAN do in the place where I am with the abilities, knowledge and connections that I have?" This led to something totally unexpected yet astoundingly beautiful. I began to grow on social media through telling my story and just being genuine about my experiences. I began to create the stories that I wanted to tell, speak my truth, help others on their healing journey and develop new, powerful, creations that were designed to transform the hearts of others. All humans are artists just in different ways and I believe that everyone has a story to tell that perhaps will help ease the suffering of others.


I am an actor, writer, teacher, creator & friend ... I wear many other hats as well but ultimately I am just a person trying to figure out this whole life thing along with you. I believe that deep down we all want the same things, to see and be seen, hear and be heard and love and be loved. I believe in being a part of creating a better, more compassionate & inclusive future for all. I  believe that there are no accidents in life and that I have come here for a reason and so have you. Let's create the future together. 


Stay inspired,