“Without wonder and insight, acting is just a business. With it, it becomes creation.”

                                                                    - Bette Davis

"Barrett has really mastered the method techniques that our studio has passed on from my days at the Actor’s Studio.”
- Diane Christiansen Top Hollywood Acting Coach

"Barrett Carroll plays a range of diverse characters and is spot-on every moment he is on stage." - Larry Laneer Theatre Critic

"Barrett is one of the hardest working people on set. He is extremely conscientious and executes his roles perfectly without  any hint of ego."
Meredith Vancuyk Actress & Top Model

"That boyfriend Dewey is hilariously played by Barrett Carroll.  And Carroll also plays Kyle the UPS guy, another role that had the audience roaring with laughter." - Bill Lair Theatre Critic 

"Barrett always brings out deep creativity and powerful emotion whether in his directing, writing or acting. He is a dream to work with and one that you definitely want to keep watching."
- Dahlia Turnbull Actress & Content Creator