"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."
– Michael Jordan

“His insightful perspective on life, loss, mental state and spirituality has been vital to me: not only in my career but in my constantly changing life.”
- Kendall Gimbi Actress

“When I think of Barrett Carroll, I think of someone with a bold genuine heart. He is a great listener and speaker. Not to mention a phenomenal talent behind the camera as well as in front of it."
- Dahlia Turnbull Content Creator & Singer

“Barrett is always a best friend to all and always there to rehearse, lend a shoulder or truly help actors find life solutions. His talent and true nature to be of service have lit the way for so many and continues through his work as an actor, vocalist, motivational speaker, political activist and screenwriter. He is a true renaissance man.”
- Diane Christiansen Top Hollywood Coach

“He gives honest advice in the most constructive way. He is extremely interesting and insightful and is always willing to learn new things and open his mind to people and new ideas. If there is that one person in your life that you know without a doubt you can rely on…it is Barrett.”
Meredith Vancuyk Actress & Top Model

“Barrett Carroll’s empathy and life experiences make him so connected - bringing out his talents in so many ways as a creator. He is someone you immediately feel comfortable with.”
- Amanda Godepeski Actress & Singer


Below is a list of suggested subjects for coaching or consultation based on expertise.

Coaching & Consultation


Goal setting with - clarity, detail, time lines, resources and accountability.

Religious deconstruction with - Personal experience, historical and cultural information, boundary setting and rebuilding new, healthy approaches to spirituality.

Life Events - A listening ear, a unique and optimistic perspective, resources, support, honesty regarding the topic and well rounded, attainable and healthy goals and advice.

Personal - Based on your specific needs, goals or desires.


Coaching & Consultation

Audition Coaching - Self tape reader, feedback, help with character development, framing, editing, slates and in depth and personal coaching for any type of project.

College audition prep - Application, resume building, honest, reliable and experienced feedback, business understanding, help choosing materials, rehearsals, personal coaching and long term strategy.

Business Consultation  - Pursuing entertainment related fields, unions, contracts, connections, strategy, attainable goal setting and developed for the future of entertainment. 

Social Media - Development for personal brand or business, understanding for the future of social media, skills, tools, creative and unique ideas, resources, detailed planning, scheduling and execution for ideal results.  

If interested in personal coaching sessions or a consultation please contact me directly for a quote. In your email, please explain what type of coaching or consultation you would like with goals or current obstacles explained. 

All sessions begin at a minimum of $50.00 per hour.